How does it work ?

You take picture of your ears

You start by printing the scale and then the mobile app will guide you to take the pictures of your ears. The app makes sure the pictures are correct and with your consent upload the images onto our servers.

You choose the design

Using our web site, you choose the design and colors of your earphones.

We print your earphone in 3D

Using your uploaded pictures, our robots generate 3D data for our professional 3D printers. We then implement the top class electronics.

«My ears hurt when I use earphones».
This seems to be a very common remark. Well, if the part where the earphone is inserted hurts, then either the earphone is the wrong fit for your ear or your ear is not suitable for standard earphones.
As a matter of fact, your ears are different from someone else's. «standard» earphone sizing is very often a source of major discomfort.

After more than 1 year and a half of research within the labs at so3D (a company specialised in 3D modeling and 3D printing) together with audio engineers and hearing aid specialists, we have created earnotz.

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Sporty earnotz

Physio sensors: heart rate, distance, calories, etc.
Your performances are stored locally and our application earfitz helps you to improve yourself
Water proof IP57

Audiophile earnotz

Three high definition micro-drivers for the best possible sound quality
MMCX connections to facilitate the use of HiFi cables
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Connected earnotz

Simple gesture to accept a phone call
Mobile app to manage your audio environment
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Included with earnotz

Charging case
Optional cables & adapters
Apps earfitz & earnotz

earnotz was founded and incorporated in Newark, DE USA. Phone : 1-302-451-9509,
e-mail : communication­@­

earnotz was born from the cooperative research work conducted by so3D - a company specialized in 3D modeling and 3D printing - for over a year and a half.

Since mid 2014, earnotz has been using extensively so3D's 3D professional printers to make the earnotz prototypes.

Fortus 250mcProjet 3500 HDMax

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Earnotz Inc. Newark, DE 19713, USA. Phone : 1-302-451-9509, e-mail : communication­@­